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Arizona Court of Appeals Holds Hearing on Sweep of Foreclosure Settlement Funds

On Monday November 26, the Arizona Court of Appeals heard oral argument on the Special Action filed by the Center challenging the legislature's sweep of $50 million from the Foreclosure Settlement Fund.  The Special Action asks the Court of Appeals to reverse the trial court's ruling that the Consent Judgment that established the "Court Ordered Trust Fund" did not intend to create a trust, and even if it did, the Attorney General did not have the authority to create such a trust. The Court indicated that it would rule on the Center's Petition quickly. 

Consumer Rights

Center Files Lawsuit Challenging the ACC's Approval of Trash Burning as Renewable Energy

On September 4, 2012, the Center, on behalf of the Sierra Club, filed a lawsuit challenging the Arizona Corporation Commission's decision to allow trash burning to be considered a renewable energy resource under Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard.  A copy of the Complaint can be found here. 


Center Opposes Rate Increase Proposed by SRP

On Friday, September 7, 2012, the Center sent a letter to SRP's Board of Directors opposing the most recent proposed rate increase.  The Center has objected to the proposed rate increase because—as set forth in detail in the letter-- it cannot be justified by current market conditions and, in fact, is contradicted by all objective measures.  It also disproportionately raises rates on residential customers so that commercial and industrial customers get a lower increase. The letter can be viewed here.