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Arizona Supreme Court Lets Court of Appeals Decision Upholding Renewable Energy Rules Stand

September 20, 2011:  The Arizona Supreme Court declined to accept the Petition for Review filed by the Goldwater Institute, letting stand the recent decision by the Court of Appeals that upheld Arizona's renewable energy rules. 


Judge Rules in Center's Favor and Will Order State to Resume Use of Lottery Funds to Fund Transit in Maricopa County

The same day he heard oral argument on the parties' Motions for Summary Judgment in the Center's case brought challenging the Legislature's sweep of lottery funds earmarked for transit, Judge David Campbell issued an order ruling in favor of the plaintiffs and declaring the legislature's action a violation of federal law.


Court of Appeals Hears Oral Arguments in AHCCCS Case

On October 19, 2011 the Arizona Court of Appeals heard oral argument on the Special Action filed by the Center challenging the state's unlawful denial of AHCCCS coverage to thousands of individuals who are eligible under the plain language of Proposition 204, passed by the voters in 2000. 

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