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Court of Appeals Hears Oral Arguments in AHCCCS Case

On October 19, 2011 the Arizona Court of Appeals heard oral argument on the Special Action filed by the Center challenging the state's unlawful denial of AHCCCS coverage to thousands of individuals who are eligible under the plain language of Proposition 204, passed by the voters in 2000. 

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Center's Tim Hogan Receives Prestigious Award

On July 1, the Center's Executive Director, Tim Hogan was honored by the National Education Association at its annual Human and Civil Rights Awards Dinner. The award presented to Hogan recognizes Hogan's work toward the achievement of equal opportunity for Hispanics.

"Every successful advocate for social justice must be able to inspire and educate others," said Dennis Van Roekel, NEA president. "Tim Hogan has shown that he has the patience, persistence, knowledge, and courage necessary to protect and defend the rights of under-represented people."

Center Victory Protects Arizona Rivers and Streams

June 13: In a major victory for Arizona's rivers and streams and all of the rich biodiversity they support, the U.S. Supreme Court denied Salt River Project's motion to file a late appeal of the Arizona Court of Appeals February opinion ruling in favor of the Center. This means that the Center's monumental win in February, which requires the state to properly categorize Arizona rivers and streams in a manner that should result in their protection, can no longer be appealed.