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Center to Sue over Health Care Cuts

Governor Jan Brewer is threatening to cut 100,000-280,000 extremely poor adults from AHCCCS, the state's health care coverage program for those with income at or below 100% of the federal poverty level. If Brewer and the legislature proceed with this plan, they will be violating Arizona law and the Arizona Constitution. They will also reveal just how heartless they are - the amount of AHCCCS funding they want to cut is less than 7% of Arizona's entire budget. Yet the legislature and Brewer would rather fund their pet projects instead of saving lives. For many on AHCCCS, this will literally be a life or death decision. Moreover, cutting health care doesn't save any money in the long-run. It just means we'll have sicker people needing more expensive care in hospitals and emergency clinics.

The Center, serving as co-counsel with the Morris Institute for Justice and the Arizona Center for Disability Law, plans to file a lawsuit challenging any attempt to cut AHCCCS funding. Please consider supporting the Center to prevent what will surely result in pain, suffering and inhumanity. 

Hogan Recipient of Prestigious Award

Tim Hogan, the Center's Executive Director since 1991, has been selected to receive the National Education Association's 2011 George I. Sanchez Memorial Award. This Human and Civil Rights Award is presented each year to an individual whose activities in Hispanic affairs significantly impact education and the achievement of equal opportunities for Hispanics. This award recognizes Hogan's exemplary accomplishments during his tenure at the Center and specifically, his untiring work on the Flores case: a 20+ year case in which Hogan has relentlessly fought for the educational rights of non-native English speaking students.


Brewer Says to Cut 250,000 from AHCCCS

Governor Jan Brewer announced today that she and Republican legislators plan to cut 250,000 people from AHCCCS, the state's Medicaid program. This plan, however, violates a voter-mandate passed in 2000. If Brewer's plan comes to pass, the Center will be ready to take the state to court for illegally eliminating health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans.