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Ruling Favoring Rivers Stands

On February 8, the Arizona Supreme Court declined to review an appeal of a Center victory protecting Arizona's rivers and streams. In April 2010, the Center won a major victory to reclaim public lands adjacent to rivers and streams that the legislature had illegally given away to corporate interests. ANSAC (a commission created by the legislature), Salt River Project and others had appealed the Center's win. The denial of their appeal allows for real work to commence toward the restoration of Arizona's dwindling waterways and the lush riparian habitats and wildlife they support.


Center Attorney Speaking at Clean Air Symposium

January 13, 2011: Today, Center staff attorney Joy Herr-Cardillo is speaking at ASU's annual Arizona State Law Journal conference. This year's topic is "Clearing the Air: Clean Air, Climate Change and Sustainability in Arizona". Ms. Herr-Cardillo is currently working on several cases aimed at improving Arizona's air quality and environmental sustainability.

Center Wraps Up Flores Trial

On January 11, Center staff attorney Tim Hogan finished presenting evidence in this nearly 20-year old case. Questioning witnesses in front of Judge Rainer Collins in Tucson's federal courthouse, Mr. Hogan showed that when English Language Learner students are segregated for two-thirds of every school day for more than one year, they are being denied equal access to education. The state has not shown that it can teach English to students within a year, yet it continues to ghettoize students in English language classes for four hours every day. These students are missing out on all other aspects of the curriculum, including basics such as math, science and social studies.

The Judge has ordered the parties to submit concluding briefs, findings of fact, and conclusions of law by March 10. The Center expects a ruling in late Spring.