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Judge Rejects Will of Voters

On February 11, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Mangum refused to order the legislature to take inflation into account when funding public education. Judge Mangum arrived at this ruling even though voters passed Prop. 301 specifically requiring the legislature to do just this. Lead counsel in the case, Don Peters, along with Center Attorney Tim Hogan, believe that the judge got it wrong and vow to appeal. Hogan also adds that if the judge got it right, then the voters were the victims of a "massive fraud" perpetrated by the legislature, which itself put Prop. 301 on the ballot.


Fighting to Maintain Education Funding

The Center was in court on February 9 arguing that the state must adjust its education funding formula every year for inflation. Despite passage of voter-approved Proposition 301, which requires the state to do just this, the legislature has willfully refused to increase education budgets in accordance with inflation. 


Ruling Favoring Rivers Stands

On February 8, the Arizona Supreme Court declined to review an appeal of a Center victory protecting Arizona's rivers and streams. In April 2010, the Center won a major victory to reclaim public lands adjacent to rivers and streams that the legislature had illegally given away to corporate interests. ANSAC (a commission created by the legislature), Salt River Project and others had appealed the Center's win. The denial of their appeal allows for real work to commence toward the restoration of Arizona's dwindling waterways and the lush riparian habitats and wildlife they support.