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Fighting for the Health of Arizona Kids

11/22: Center staff attorney Anne Ronan is in federal court in Tucson arguing on behalf of all Medicaid-eligible children in Arizona who need mental health care and substance abuse treatment.  The state has repeatedly failed to live up to nationally accepted standards when providing this care to Arizona's youth.

Health Care

Renewable Energy Threatened

11/16: Center in court to retain Arizona's innovative and economical rule requiring utility companies to obtain 15% of their energy from renewable resources. While this seems like a no-brainer in sun-soaked Arizona, the Goldwater Institute is fighting against this rule. 



Lottery Should Fund Clean Air

11/10: The Center's staff attorney Joy Herr-Cardillo is in federal court today defending our right to breathe clean air. In 1993, as part of an effort to fight air pollution, the state passed a law to use lottery proceeds to expand public transit. Now that Governor Jan Brewer and the legislature have repealed that law, and are raiding the Clean Air Fund, the Center is working to hold them accountable.