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Notice to Class re Arnold vs Sarn Settlement

The Notice Regarding Agreement Affecting the Class Arnold v. ADHS, CV000-432355 is available here.

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Landmark Settlement Agreement Reached in Arnold vs Sarn

On January 8, 2014, the Center announced a final resolution of  Arnold v. Sarn, the historic class action, filed in 1981which required the State of Arizona and Maricopa County to develop a full continuum of community mental health services to ensure that individuals with serious mental illness can live successfully in their community. The settlement agreement entered into by the Center, Governor Brewer and the Arizona Department of Health Services will significantly enhance the quality of and expand the capacity for community-based mental health services for thousands of people with mental illness, and provide for the termination of the long standing litigation. 

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Arizona Supreme Court lifts stay in Clean Elections Case

On December 17, 2013, the Supreme Court heard argument in the campaign contribution limits case and shortly thereafter lifted the injunction against the legislation that had increased the limits nine times their preexisting levels.  The Center had argued that voters had fixed the limits in the Clean Elections Act that they approved in 1998 and that, consequently, the legislature was not authorized to change those limits without complying with the Voter Protection Act.  Under the Voter Protection Act amendments to voter approved measures are only authorized if the amendment furthers the purposes of the measure and passes on a 3/4 vote. The Court apparently disagreed with that argument, although the order lifting the stay was without explanation for now.  An opinion will follow shortly. 



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