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Danny Adelman Calls for Public School Funding in The Arizona Republic

Danny Adelman Calls for Public School Funding in The Arizona Republic

In his latest opinion article for The Arizona Republic, Danny Adelman urges lawmakers to use money from this year’s budget surplus to address rampant inequity across the state’s public school districts.

These additional funds could be used to improve failing infrastructure, update technology, provide appropriate security on campuses and buy quality air conditioners and buses. Instead, lawmakers are considering a budget that would give a tax cut to the wealthiest Arizonans.

Danny explains that although some districts can fill gaps through bonds and overrides, areas without sufficient property wealth are repeatedly left behind. The state consistently slashes public school funding; technology and safety standard updates are long overdue and schools haven’t been inspected in years. It’s time to put Arizona’s children first, Danny says.

A prominent voice in the fight for adequate funding, Danny frequently provides insight on the disparities in Arizona’s school districts, including in an April 2020 opinion article in The Arizona Republic, “Arizona children sit in crumbling classrooms. Who is fixing them?” He also appeared on ABC15 to shine a light on the importance of regular school inspections. ACLPI has worked tirelessly over the years to restore critical capital funding for Arizona’s schools, pushing the state to fulfill its constitutional responsibility to students, teachers and families.

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